@Calum5SOS: A wise man told me today that nothing is impossible :)” -calum hood

@Luke5SOS: oooooaaaah ooooaaaah oooaaa oooo” -luke hemmings

"@Ashton5SOS: can someone give me a nose massage i rlly need to relieve the stress"-ashton irwin

"@Luke5SOSi wanted to paint my nails lavender but michael used the entire container on his big toe i hate his abnormally large foot"- luke hemmings

"@Calum5SOS: i am secretly prince"-calum hood

"@Michael5SOS: i asked for alicia keys but instead we got calum"-Michael Clifford

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    5 SOS

    Background information

    Origin - Sydney, Australia

    Genres - Pop, Pop Rock
    Years active - 2011–present
    Labels - Sony ATV (publishing only)
    Website www.5sos.com


      Hello everyone C: Welcome to my blog! Which is totally all about my little obsession with this crazy effin pop rock band, 5SOS, 5 Seconds of Summer. These guys are my precious little babies, hate them and I'll break your face , I am also a Directioner and totally a dedicated kind.